Thursday, March 31, 2011

Media today is accused of giving only juicy news

Media to day is accused of giving only juicy news-ground reality is never mentioned.
Let Me point out;
1]Indiscriminate encroachment of public Land by commercial interests including medical shops
showing as health care unit or diagonostic centres.No proper disposal of medical wastes-causing Biological terrorism by rich medical professionals.Charges made is under no cotrol.
2]Inefficiency in power supply has forced neo-rich traders to set up Heavy capacity Diesel Generators at their residence causing spread of toxic gases and dynamic effect on adjacent structures.This is inaddition to the sub merged pumping of Ground water causing permanent damage to adjacent structures.Who in his senses has approved such arrangement and what media has to say on this.Incorrect inflated Electric Bills is very common with the present Private supplier.
3]Please ask the Lady with Sari as to how she crosses over the road with high barriers in between to go to the Bus stand stand.Some arrangement for pedestrians  safe passage is necessary
Is the media doing enough for the public.Please do not fall in line to attend the free lunch hosted by politicians to suit their interests.Refuse gifts offered.
\Please be of some service to common person.Full page adverisement of some limited persons is the order of the day.The whole country has been bonded to a fewpersons of dynastic rule.Their real contribution is now being questioned by many.
Our name is in shame because of corruption at the highest level.General public are now happy with little daily necessities.
It is time to consider value based quality reporting for improved living for each one of us..
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