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Development's hidden price tag: Water, Forests, Land. Can we afford progress?

How would animals have fought that struggle for survival?

Homes and Hideouts in Forest: 15th March 2024:

An indicative and imaginary report 

by Kartika Kalyani Singh The SPIS news Desk

It's almost midnight.
After some time the date will also change. Then in a few more hours the morning light will start appearing but before that an amazing scene of struggles is in front. The battle for the existence of life is being fought. This fight is also against the development which human beings have adopted as an obsession. There is much that is old that is still useful but has been sacrificed.

Human groups are recreating and reshaping the world according to their own desire and will. these groups have become the God of today. Big developed countries are showing off this kind of dominance. When crowds of human groups suddenly started coming to cause destruction in the forests, herds of animals started entering deep into the forest. They had to hide from this onslaught of development. This was their ancestral land which was being snatched away by human society right in front of them.

The animal groups were frightened but were also preparing to resist. The desire to hide was taking them deep into the forest. The sunlight coming from outside was left far behind. As they wandered deeper into the forest, the group of animals began to notice a change in the air. The leaves, which usually rustle in the wind, were still. In the air coming towards the forest, there was the smell of diesel and petrol of big machines and also the noise of the machines. These machines were treating the animals like big monsters.

They followed the sound of an unfamiliar machines, which was getting louder with every step. Suddenly, they emerged from among the dense foliage and saw a huge earthmover with its metal claws digging into the soil. Before them lay the remains of their home: trees were fallen, branches were scattered, and the once lush forest was transformed into a desolate wasteland. A new highway was being built through their territory, cutting them off from the rest of the forest. They stood in shock, unable to understand how this could happen.

As they saw the scale of the destruction, the animals began debating their next move. Some suggested that they should fight back by using their combined power to drive away the humans and their machines. Others argued that it was pointless; The humans had proven themselves very powerful and tireless. The young reindeer child, still untouched by the harsh realities of the world, urged his elders not to lose hope. Hearing his words, the old animals also started laughing but the words of the young deer were really consoling. There was substance in his words.

He had an idea. He had seen how humans used their machines to shape the world around them, and he believed there must be a way to use their abilities against intruders. The method in which intelligence is used. It was not easy to deal with this human attack with physical force. In that moment, she immediately felt a surge of determination, a realization that she was destined for something bigger than she had ever imagined. He felt a power coming from within him.

The young deer cub started gathering other animals around itself with great courage and confidence. He explained his plan to everyone in this special meeting. He said-they will use their bodies and minds to slow down the progress of highway construction. They could tunnel under the road, and dig deeper and deeper until the road became unstable and collapsed beneath their feet. They could also use their combined weight and numbers to form a living wall to bring down the giant machines that were threatening their home. There was no other option left without fighting this battle of survival.

The other animals were skeptical at first after hearing the young deer's words, but the deer's determination was infectious. They also began to see great potential in his plan and realized that they had nothing to lose by trying while there was a whole world ahead of them to win.

Once that was agreed, they immediately got to work, each animal playing an important role in the operation. Everyone was fully aware of their responsibilities. Their food, water and everything became extremely disciplined.

Everyone had taken up their duties on every field of this battle. Squirrels and rabbits started running here and there in the bushes and collecting tools and materials. Beavers and badgers started digging tunnels rapidly. As part of this campaign, he strengthened the foundation of his temporary fort. The deer and antelope, exposing themselves to the greatest risk, formed a living wall, standing shoulder to shoulder and facing the construction vehicles. His birthplace and workplace were in danger. Its protection now stood before him as the most urgent duty.

The defense system under which groups of animals were engaged in protecting themselves was, in a way, similar to gorilla warfare. Here the human was probably unaware. The humans, unaware of the resistance growing beneath their feet, continued their steady progress. They pushed the earthmovers forward, unaware that each step was becoming more difficult as the ground began to slip and the tunnels deepened.

The animals worked tirelessly with their intelligence and unity, their muscles sorely strained as they struggled to stem the tide of destruction. Whenever he felt tired, he would just sit for a few moments and feel refreshed. Seeing all this, the young deer's heart was filled with hope and determination, and he urged his companions to move forward, believing that they could win this battle against these forces of progress at any cost.

As construction vehicles got closer, the animals could feel the vibrations of their engines through the ground. The beaver and the badger were very excited. Working together, they quickly strengthened their tunnels and created new escape routes. Seeing their tunnels, even the man-made tunnels in big forts and forests were getting affected. Squirrels and rabbits ran around along with them, collecting equipment and supplies needed for the fight. Deer and antelope stood side by side, forming an impenetrable wall that greatly slowed the progress of bulldozers and excavators.

It is a pity that there was neither any historian, nor any writer, nor any TV channel nor any newspaper to tell the world about the strength, sacrifice and courage that these animals were showing to save the forests of their birthplace and their place of work. Representative. There was no one there to show his bravery to the world. There was no one there to show the inhuman brutality of humans. Only a few animals were thinking that their bravery and sacrifice would remain lost in the darkness of anonymity. Still everyone was busy. Far away from the desire and desire to make wealth and earn fame. A war of renunciation and sacrifice was being fought in which only the pure love of Mother Earth was visible. A picture of unwavering attachment to one's birthplace was beginning to emerge.

Meanwhile, the young deer did wonders again. His energy seemed truly inexhaustible, and with words of encouragement he united the other animals once again for a small but emergency meeting. He also told them stories of all the other animals who had faced the greatest of obstacles and emerged victorious, giving hope to even the most skeptical people. Her determination was contagious, and it spread through the group like wildfire. Perhaps for the first time in this forest, these animals had read the history of their brave ancestors and warriors and also felt the need to take inspiration from it. The past had started appearing as the present in front of them.

The struggle of the animals was also beginning to bear fruits. As humans continued their steady progress in monopolizing and taking over the water, forests and land, they began to notice that their machines were having difficulty keeping up. The ground beneath them was shifting and unstable, and they couldn't understand why. Little did they perhaps know that the animals were constantly working hard, digging tunnels and strengthening their defenses to escape their home and country. In this way animals became a formidable force, using their intelligence and strength to overcome humans and their machines. The big machines of humans were beginning to lose in front of the unity and capability of animals.

Meanwhile, the young deer fawn had become a symbol of hope and resilience for his fellow animals. His leadership skills and unwavering determination inspired him to continue fighting even in the face of insurmountable odds. The young deer's mother also knew that they could not win this fight against progress forever, but she also believed that they could bring about change no matter what. She was looking towards the sky with her head held high with pride at her deer son who has shown the heart of a lion. The fight for survival makes even the weakest people so brave. When the power of the mind comes together with the power of the body, a miracle is bound to happen.

Eager to take over the forests, human society also started using various types of smoke and poisons. New machines were also ordered. The campaign to cut down huge green, old trees and erect huge concrete buildings in their places was in full swing. Animals were surprised that what will humans eat for food after the completion of the evolution for which humans are going crazy? Where will you drink water from when you feel thirsty? Apart from all these, the biggest problem is that after cutting the trees of the forests, from where will we breathe? But perhaps there was no one there to listen to him. The only thing left for them was to fight. There was no other choice.

Meanwhile, two people were passing by singing something. Animals couldn't understand what had happened. One older animal contacted a very wise old monk who was visiting Neelwanti Garanth. He knew the languages of all animals and birds. He could understand everyone and talk to everyone. He listened to that wonderful song of two passers-by and said that it is a priceless piece of Punjabi literature and poetry. This is Pash's poetic composition-Asin Ladage Saathi - Asin Ladage Saathi! That means we will fight, buddy! We will fight partner!  we will fight buddy!

On hearing this poetic composition, the courage of the animals fighting for survival became higher. They continued to dig tunnels and build living walls, using their bodies as weapons against the invaders.

The animals saluted the two passers-by who were singing songs along with this fight and also thanked them for raising their voice in our favor. Those two passers-by raised both their hands towards the fist and raised slogans, We are with you. both passers also promised that we will take your voice to Medha Patkar, Himanshu Kumar and even Maneka Gandhi.

Meanwhile the war remained continued. As construction of this so-called progress, the men became more and more frustrated by unexpected setbacks. They brought in larger machinery and more workers in hopes of overcoming it, but their efforts began to fail. According the reports this battle is still continued in many places. 

Friday, June 16, 2023

DOD Committed to Ethical Use of Artificial Intelligence

June 15, 2023 | By Joseph Clark , DOD News |

DOD policy on AI is publicly available

The Department of Defense (DoD) of the United States has recognized the transformative potential of artificial intelligence (AI) in enhancing military capabilities and addressing emerging security challenges. With the aim of harnessing AI technologies to maintain technological superiority and strengthen national defense, the DoD has formulated a comprehensive policy framework. This policy emphasizes the responsible and ethical development, deployment, and use of AI systems by the military. It encompasses guidelines for AI research, acquisition, and implementation, focusing on ensuring transparency, accountability, and human control over AI-enabled systems. By promoting collaboration, innovation, and adherence to ethical standards, the DoD seeks to leverage AI effectively while upholding the principles of safety, reliability, and national security.--Editorial Desk

The Defense Department is prioritizing ethical considerations
and collaboration in its approach to developing and fielding military applications of artificial intelligence, a top Pentagon technology official said today.

Michael C. Horowitz, the director of the emerging capabilities policy office in the office of the undersecretary of defense for policy, underscored the U.S.' commitment to leading the international conversation surrounding artificial intelligence during a panel discussion in Washington on setting rules and expectations for emerging technologies in national security.
A man in uniform points to a computer screen

Underpinning this commitment, Horowitz said, is a comprehensive set of policy decisions within DOD that governs the development and fielding of autonomous weapon systems, ethical artificial intelligence strategy, and the development of responsible artificial intelligence strategy and pathways.

U.S. leadership, in codifying these principles, is now driving responsible artificial intelligence policy formulation among international partners, he said.

A photo illustration depicting a soldier wearing virtual reality glasses with a chess set in the foreground

"If you look at NATO's ethical AI principles, for example, they're very similar to the Defense Department's ethical AI principles and that's not that's not an accident," Horowitz said. "It reflects in many ways the sort of common values and perspective on how we're thinking about... when we would want to use AI and how."

He said U.S. also led on the international stage by issuing its Political Declaration of Responsible Military use of Artificial Intelligence and Autonomy in February.

In this post a photo illustration depicting a soldier wearing virtual reality glasses with a chess set in the foreground.

"That's a set of strong norms that lay out principles of what responsible use looks like that we're now working to bring other countries on board to endorse since we think that bringing the international community together on this issue, that there is a lot of possibility for cooperation and we want to encourage the rest of the world to take these issues as seriously as the department has," Horowitz said. "And in looking at our allies and partners, we're really encouraged by that."

That commitment to the responsible development of artificial intelligence, and its transparency concerning the development of policy surrounding emerging technologies, is also how the U.S. has distinguished itself from its global competitors, he said.

He said all DOD policy surrounding artificial intelligence and emerging technology is publicly available.

A small drone is photographed while hovering

"That's in contrast to some of the competitors of the United States who are a lot less transparent in what their policies are concerning the development and use of artificial intelligence and autonomous systems, including autonomous weapons systems," Horowitz said. "And we think that there's a real distinction there."

At the same time, the U.S. has remained committed to being at the leading edge of emerging technologies, including artificial intelligence, Horowitz said.

He said the rapid advance of the technology has opened up a wide array of use cases for artificial intelligence beyond defense. The U.S. continues to be "an engine of innovation when it comes to AI."

"The Defense Department does lots and lots of different experimentation with emerging technologies," Horowitz said. "And we both want to do them in a safe and responsible way, but also want to do them in a way that can push forward the cutting edge and ensure the department has access to the emerging technologies that it needs to stay ahead."

Monday, October 31, 2022

Russia Continues Attacks on Ukraine Civilian Targets

Oct. 31, 2022 | By Jim Garamone , DOD News |   

Russia is continuing its campaign of terror attacks on Ukraine as it targets civilian infrastructure, said senior defense officials. 

The Ukrainian military has been able to defend against some of the Russian attacks, but air defense remains a priority. "Damage to the electric grid and water supply are serious concerns directly harming the civilian population," a senior defense official said.  

The United States is working with the Ukrainian military, allies and partners to improve Ukraine's defenses.  

Two service members stand in a field and fire a shoulder-launched missile.

The United States has already provided 1,400 Stinger short-range air defense weapons. Allies and partners have also provided short-range air defense.

The U.S. has committed to sending eight National Advanced Surface-to-Air Missile Systems – NASAMs – to Ukraine. Two of those systems are being sent in the next few weeks with the others to follow. Ukrainian soldiers are already being trained to use the system, which shoots many different missiles. NASAMs can defend against a wide range of airborne threats. 

"We also have committed to a suite of counter, unmanned aerial systems, including the Vampire system and other radar systems," officials said. 

And more is being done. "The U.S. also helped support Slovakia's donation of an S-300 system earlier in the war," the official said. "This was incredibly important to protect Ukrainian infrastructure at that point in time, and the U.S. also sourced many spare parts to keep Ukraine's Soviet-type air defense systems up and running." 

Germany and Spain have recently sent air defense systems to Ukraine. A key to this is integrating all of these systems from many different nations to protect Ukraine, and that remains an on-going effort. 

The senior defense official said the latest tranche of security assistance the United States will provide Ukraine includes additional ammunition for High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems, or HIMARS; 500 rounds of precision-guided 155 millimeter artillery rounds; and more than 1,300 anti-armor systems, including the shoulder-launched multipurpose assault weapon. The package – valued at $275 million – also includes Humvees and satellite communications antennas. 

On the ground, the battle continues with Russia’s attack on infrastructure causing widespread power outages. In and around Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second largest city, Ukrainian forces have liberated some additional villages as they continue to press toward the east. Russian forces in this area are focused on reinforcing their defensive lines. 

Farther south, Russian forces are attempting to pursue offensive operations. In Kherson, "we continue to see deliberate and calibrated operations by Ukrainian forces as they press Russian forces along the three main axes," a senior military official said. "We assess that the Russians in this area continue to reinforce their defensive lines, as well." 

U.S. officials said they’re tracking the reports and Russian statements regarding an alleged attack against Russian navy vessels in Sevastopol, a city in Crimea.

Wednesday, August 31, 2022

One Year Since the Conclusion of the Afghanistan War

 Message to the Force                               30th August 2022

Today, we mark one year since the end of the U.S. war in Afghanistan, and I, like so many of you, have been reflecting on the sacrifice that American Service Members, Veterans, their families, and so many others made during America's longest war.

I first want to express my profound gratitude to all who served in Afghanistan, including everyone on our Department of Defense team.  Every American who contributed to our efforts shared a deep devotion to keeping our country safe, working toward a brighter future for the Afghan people, and standing up for liberty, democracy, and the rule of law.  As a veteran of the war, I witnessed firsthand the bravery, selflessness, and compassion that our men and women brought to the fight.  Your efforts make me proud to be your colleague - and even prouder to be an American.

Two decades of noble service demanded significant and selfless sacrifice.  Many Service members still bear the wounds of war, to body and to soul, and 2,461 brave heroes never made it home.  To our Gold Star families: We hold your loved ones in our hearts - and we pledge to you the unwavering commitment of a grateful Nation.

United States went to Afghanistan in 2001
to wage a necessary war of self-defense. 

On September 11, 2001, al-Qaeda terrorists attacked our country.  They were able to plan and execute such a horrific attack because their Taliban hosts had given them safe haven in Afghanistan.  Since 2001, no enemy has been able to launch such an attack on our homeland, and that speaks to the entire U.S. government's efforts to defend our citizens from terrorist threats that could emanate from Afghanistan or anywhere around the globe.

Still, we know this work is not done.  We must keep a relentless focus on counterterrorism - and we are.  Just a few weeks ago, the United States delivered justice to Ayman al-Zawahiri, the leader of al-Qaeda and Osama bin Laden's deputy at the time of the 9/11 attacks.  And in recent months, our military has successfully carried out operations against key ISIS leaders.  We also know that preventing terrorist violence requires much more than military might.  We're committed to supporting a whole-of-government effort to address the root causes of violent extremism.  No one should doubt America's resolve to keep our people safe.

For me, there is no greater testament to the strength of a country's democracy than the fact that millions of people freely choose, every day, to defend it.  Those who step up to serve - whether in uniform or as part of our civilian workforce - do so because of the values we fight for: the rule of law, human dignity, and freedom.

So last year, in the war's final days, the United States, along with our partners and allies, conducted the largest air evacuation of civilians in American history, lifting more than 124,000 people to safety.  I'm proud that our military communities-and Americans from all walks of life-have welcomed our Afghan allies as they begin new lives in our country.

And our values continue to drive the important work that American patriots are doing around the world.  The United States is rushing urgently needed assistance to Ukraine in the face of Russia's unprovoked and reckless invasion.  We are firmly committed to supporting the people of Ukraine and to defending the rules-based international order against autocrats and aggressors anywhere.

As our country looks back on two decades of combat in Afghanistan, I understand that many people have hard questions about the costs of the war and what their sacrifices meant.  These are important discussions, and I hope we will keep having them with thoughtfulness and respect.

Last year, I said that although the Afghanistan war has ended, our gratitude to those who served never will.  Today, I renew that pledge.  To every man and woman who served in Afghanistan: This country will never forget what you did and what you gave.

Thank you.

May God bless you, and may God bless the United States of America.

Lloyd J. Austin, III

Monday, February 28, 2022

MCIP of Ukraine directs letter to Mark Zuckerberg

Posted on 27 February 2022 22:38 

Call to block Facebook pages of Russian propaganda channels

Kyiv:28 February 2022(The Spis News Bureau)::

Culture Emergency International Activity Started in Ukraine due to continued war situation after Russian attack. The Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine has sent a letter to Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg with a call to block the Facebook pages of Russian propaganda channels.

In particular, such as: Pervyy Kanal, Rossyia 1, Match TV, NTV, Piatyy Kanal, Rossiya 24, Rossiya K (Culture), Carousel, OTR, TVTzentr, REN TV, Spas, Domashnii, TV-3, Piatnitsa, Zvezda, Myr, TNT, Muz-TV and others that spread Kremlin propaganda.

We count that their actions will not take long. Russia's propaganda machine must finally be destroyed so as not to poison the lives of Ukrainians or the world.

Thursday, February 17, 2022

They resemble German Shepherds

.....but are more compact    

The only breed the program raisesis the BelgianMalinois considred ideal for the military because of their high energy,strong sniffers, trainyability, agility, speed, drive, work ethic, loyalty and when needed, fiercenees. They resemble German Shepherds, but are more compact.

Courtesy: US Defense Department

Friday, March 05, 2021

Warrior Leap

 During the Pennsylvania National Guard Competition 

: 5th March 2021: (USA Defense Department//The Spis News)::

Army Sgt. Ethan White leaps during the Pennsylvania National Guard Best Warrior Competition at Indiantown, Pa., March 3, 2021.

Photo By: Army Sgt. 1st Class Matthew Keeler